Wang Hao (b.1976, Qingdao, China) is a Beijing-based artist who gained his DFA from Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. His undergraduate major was architecture, but after he got his DFA he devoted himself into contemporary art practice, which started with his ingenious medium of concrete and later evolved to the adoption of other materials. By creating a grey order, his work attempts to locate a purified spiritual world in the current state of life. It’s very wise of him to deliver the Eastern trait of “inner beauty” through the minimalist color and the rich material texture of his work. As the artist put it, “Gray is colourless. It is the absence of colour; Gray represents everything. It is the sum of all colors. It contains a drop of every colour in the spectrum. On one hand gray does not have any colour, but at the same time, every colour is contained within it. Gray can lead to unlimited association and imagination.”

Born in Qingdao, China,1976

2003 Graduated from CAFA, with a master’s degree BeijingChina

2011 Graduated from CAFA, with a doctor’s degree BeijingChina

Works and lives in Beijing



2017  “Little SpaceWang Hao Solo Exhibition”, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2012  “Copy·New——Exhibition of Wang Hao's works”, SOHO China Headquarters, Beijing, China



2017  “Degree Zero of Artthe Rational Expression of Abstract Art”, Hive Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing, China

2017  “AbstractContemporary Art Exhibition”, Sichuan Art Museum, Chengdu, China

2016  “The Power of Attention · Ink Painting Works of Young Artists”, Today Art Museum, Beijing,China

2016  “Research Room):The Working of Non-Figurative System”, Right View Art Gallery, Beijing, China

2016  “Simplicity · China National Gallery Network Academic Invitation Exhibition”, National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2016  “Xun Xun”Group Show, Parkview Green Art·PVG, Beijing, China

2016  “100 +1 Day”Art Nova 100·DOBE WEShanghai, China

2016  “Cross Thinking”, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China

2016  “China New Art · Chinese Contemporary Art New Year's Eve show”Revival Art GallerySingapore

2015  “Gray 62 and his friends”, UCCA, Beijing, China

2015  Nanjing International Youth Art BiennialJinling Art MuseumNanjingChina

2015  “The Spectres in the Double Shadow”, Alioth Art Center, Shanghai, China

2015  “Art Discovery”L’officiel Art SpaceBeijing, China

2015  “Intellectual Images”, Triumph Art Space, Beijing, China

2015  “An Anonymous Exhibition · A Visual Game Dominated by Small-sized Works”, 798 Shengzhi Space, Beijing,China

2015  “The Expression of Format”Phoenix Art PalaceShanghai, China

2015  “Art Central Art Fair”Triumph Art SpaceHongKong

2015  “Gengons · Structure Dimension of New Abstraction”, 798 Emerging Arts Research Center, Beijing, China

2014  “Art021 Art Fair”Triumph Art SpaceShanghai, China

2014  “New Generation of Abstract Art”, Si Shang Art Museum, Beijing, China

2014  “Art Nova 100 Projects” , National Agriculture Exhibition Center, Beijing, China

2014  “The Vestige of Architecture”, Mingtai Space, Beijing, China

2014  “New Identities”Chinese Young Artists, Berlin, Germany

2014  “She · Era”, Times Art Museum, Beijing, China

2013  Beijing new year cultural living room Exhibition, The China Millennium Monument, Beijing, China

2012  “Seal Memories Matrix ”Super Media Screenage Environment Art Exhibition, DiTan, Beijing, China

2012  “Art Nova 100 Projects” Around China ,BeijingGuangzhouShanghai

2012  “Isomer ”Screenage Art Phenomenon Exhibition, Art Beijing 2012·Photo Beijing Thematic Exhibition, Beijing, China

2011  All Rivers Run into the Sea, Today Art Museum, Beijing, China

2011 “50 chairs” Invitation Exhibition of International Famous Designers, Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts, Beijing, China

2011  Tea Time Space, 798 Times Space Art Gallery, Beijing, China

2010  Zero-carbon Furniture Exhibition, Shanghai World Expo UK Pavilion, Shanghai, China

2009  “Warm Winter” Contemporary Art Exhibition, Zhenyang Create Art District, Beijing , China

2009  Exhibition of Two-year Anniversary of Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, UCCA, Beijing, China

2009  Original Creation · Exhibition of works created by China, Sanlitun Village, Beijing, China



Museum of China Central Academy of Fine Arts

Shanghai World Expo UK Pavilion

Beijing Times Art Museum

Yuchen Art Museum

Collected by personal