Wang Hao (b.1976, Qingdao, China) is a Beijing-based artist who gained his DFA from Central Academy of Fine Arts in China. His undergraduate major was architecture, but after he got his DFA he devoted himself into contemporary art practice, which started with his ingenious medium of concrete and later evolved to the adoption of other materials. By creating a grey order, his work attempts to locate a purified spiritual world in the current state of life. It’s very wise of him to deliver the Eastern trait of “inner beauty” through the minimalist color and the rich material texture of his work. As the artist put it, “Gray is colourless. It is the absence of colour; Gray represents everything. It is the sum of all colors. It contains a drop of every colour in the spectrum. On one hand gray does not have any colour, but at the same time, every colour is contained within it. Gray can lead to unlimited association and imagination.”
Art Los Angeles Contemporary 2019