Phunam Thuc Ha: b. 1974, Saigon, Vietnam; Matt Lucero: b. 1976, Upland, CA, U.S.A;
Tuan Andrew Nguyen: b. 1976, Saigon, Viet Nam. Work and live between Saigon, Vietnam and Los Angeles, USA.

THE PROPELLER GROUP (TPG) is an art collective formed in 2006 and currently based in Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City), Vietnam and Los Angeles, USA. It is comprised of Phunam Thuc Ha, Matt Lucero and Tuan Andrew Nguyen. TPG works with international artists focused on developing original, creative content, from quirky online viral video campaigns, to art installations, to large-scale film production and everything in between. The collective helps to realize collaborative statements that re-define the social and political understanding of contemporary sub-cultures and popular cultures. Their work has been exhibited at the Venice Biennial, the New Museum, New York, The Hammer Museum, Los Angeles, The Singapore Biennial, Singapore, Shanghai Biennale, Shanghai Art Museum, and Shanghai among others.
Guggenheim UBS MAP Exhibition Artist Collective 'The Propeller Group (Courtesy of Guggenheim Museum. All Rights Reserved)
25 Jun 2013
Salon | Focus Viet Nam | Monumental Bling and Other Things... (Courtesy of Art|Basel. All Rights Reserved)
27 May 2014
Viet Nam The World Tour, Tony Tran a.k.a. Tony Transformer Freestyles in Paris
20 May 2010
Zoe Butt Talks about 'Uh' by Tuan Andrew Nguyen and Phu Nam Ha Thuc
01 Mar 2009