b. 1975, Anhui, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China.

Ren Jing is an introspective and sensitive painter. With a strong focus on the existence of life and the relationship of time and space, Ren Jing believes that there are multiple causes for any incident, likewise, each viewer bears their own history and corresponding viewpoints when they interpret the work. Therefore, he chooses to step behind the visual incident and tell a story without judgment or criticism. This is reflected in his choice of subject matter: vets, slaughterhouse-men and ambulance-men, dealing with both life and death. He has chosen some of the most ordinary moments to present the uncertainty and helplessness of life as a way to prove of existence of life. The paintings are like patches of images, dividing up a realistic scene; bright yellow lines are like blades cutting through the murky surface, intruding into the original visual.