b. 1961, Bangkok, Thailand. Lives and works in Bangkok.

Manit Sriwanichpoom is one of Thailand’s leading photographic artists, as well as one of Southeast Asia’s most internationally exhibited. He is best known for his still-ongoing Pink Man series, begun in post-Asian Crisis Thailand of the late 1990s. Operating as an ironic and sometimes pathos-injected critique of consumer culture in Thailand and wider Asia, Pink Man probes Thailand’s social concerns and erased histories of recent decades. Other series, including the iconic black and white Waiting for the King (Standing & Sitting) of 2006, provide a critical examination of Thai national institutions. Sriwanichpoom is particularly interested in Thai history and his country’s political development of the last few decades. Appropriating others’ images as well as using his own photographs as documents, he has created an original body of work that reveals Thailand in all her contemporary socio-political complexity.