b. 1973 in Qing Dao, Shan Dong province, China, and lives and works in Beijing

Liu Wentao makes alluring and engaging tableaux using only graphite and canvas. A rising star on the Chinese art scene, he has had several museum exhibitions. He is a graduate from the esteemed Central Academy of Fine Arts Department of Printmaking, where he is now a professor, and he went on to the University of Massachusetts to continue studying in the United States. Trained in the art of copperplate engraving, he honed his practice of fine-line drawing to expand to large two-metre square canvases of diverse plays on perspective in monochrome trompe l’oeil. The works have a drawing-in quality that does not cease to fascinate the viewer.

TIME LINE Abstract Art from China Curated by Tang Zehui
30 Jan 2018