Liang Hao was born in 1988 in Guangdong, currently lives and works in Beijing.

Liang Hao was born in 1988 in Guangdong, currently lives and works in Beijing. In 2012 he graduated from The Fine Arts Department Academy of Arts & Design. Tsinghua University. Beijng. China. Liang Hao's works are base on Painting as the main material, at the same time, his is working on video art and installation as well. In recently his works are focusing on the metaphors of human movement, relationship, and also involves the exploration of gender ,identity ,etc. Recent solo include: A Kind of Gaze, line gallery Shanghai, 2019 . Image and Hunting ground, Line Gallery, Beijing, 2017 , Time is stopping in front of your eyebrows, Line Gallery, Beijing, 2015 , Liang Hao’s project, OMI, New York, 2016, Also the group show he once participated in the Institutions includes: Ming Sheng Museum, Shanghai, Today Museum, Beijing, CAFA Art Museum. Beijing, ON SPACE, Offshore Project Space, Iceland, Global Impression, Berlin, Artist residency include: ARTOMI international Artist Residency, NewYork, America, 2016, Island Iceland offshore project, Seydisfjordur, Iceland . Liang Hao was nominated twice for John Moores Painting prize. 


b. 1988, Guangdong, China


BA. Painting. Tsinghua University. Beijing. China. 2012


Solo Exhibitions

2019  “A Kind of Gaze”, Line Gallery. hiart space. Shanghai. China

2017  “Image and Hunting ground”, Line Gallery. Hiart Center. Beijing. China

2015   “Time is stopping in front of your eyebrows”, Line Gallery. Hiart Center. Beijing.             



Solo Project

2019   A Painting. PLATE showcase. Beijing. China

2016   Lianghao project. OMI. New York. USA


Selected Group Exhibitions

2018   John Moores Painting Prize MingSheng Art Museum. Shanghai. China

           “VIVE LE TRAVAIL”, YING SPACE. Beijing. China

2017   “Wall Power”, Today museum .Beijing. China

           “The World is Not Flat”Chinese Contemporary Video Art. Mingtai Space. Beijing.

           China Adelaide Festival Centre. Adelaide. Australia. China Cultural Centre in

           Sydney. Sydney. Australia

           “Multiple halo”. XI Contemporary Art Center. Dongguan. China

2016   “Thinking on critical point”, Moshang Gallery. Beijing. China

           “Blooming”. hiart space. Shanghai. China

           The 3 rd CAFA Biennial Negotiating Space. CAFA Art Museum. Beijng. China

           IVY ART 2016. TianJing Museum. Tianjing. China

           John Moores Painting Prize. MingSheng Art Museum. Shanghai. China

2015   Global Impression. Berlin. Germany

           Island Iceland offshore project. project space. Seydisfjordur. iceland

           “Upstairs and downstairs”, Yuan Art Museum. Beijing. China

           “Moving in time”, CAFA Museum. Beijing. China

           “Art Beijing”, Agricultural exhibition hall. Beijing. China

                  Young Art Taipei. Sheraton Grande. Taipei. China

2014   “As soon as Bolt”, ON SPACE. Beijing. China

           Pluck The Laurel --Chinese new painting Award. HI Art Center. Beijing. China

           Prelude of Youth. Bridge Gallery. Beijing. China

           “Touch”, Square One. Beijing. China


           Museuof Contemporary Art Beijing. Beijing. China

           “WHO IS HERE”. Bridge Gallery. Beijing. China

           Chao-Bai River Project. Chao-Bai River. Beijing. China

           “Scissors & Stone & Cloth”, Songzuang Museum. Beijing. China

           New Representational Painting Exhibition. The gallery of TOP RED. Beijing. China

           Paper Experiences. NO.55. Beijing. China

           South Korea & Chinese art Exhibition. South Koreas culture institute                                        

           Integration - Contemporary Art Exhibition. Enjoy Museum Of Art. Beijing. China

           “BUMINGJUELI”, ON SPACE. Beijing. China

2013   “Melt” - Contemporary Art Exhibition. Enjoy Museum Of Art. Beijing. China

2012   The 3ed Exploring and Discovery new artist exhibition. Chinese Academy of Oil painting.Beijing. China

           Art exhibition (oil painting) in Nanjing China. Jiang Su Museum of art. Beijing. China

           Eight Academyof Fine Arts Outstanding Graduation Exhibition. Museum of Xi Anacademyof fine arts. Xi An.                             China

           The Fifth (2012) China International Arts Festival. The gallery of HE. Beijing. China

           The years of fragment. Gold art library. Beijing. China

           The Fifth (2012) China International Arts Festival Nomination exhibition. The galleryof HE. Beijing. China

2011   Insipid of the poem KANGNI & LIANGHAOTwo personal exhibition. The galleryof Yi Ku. Beijing. China

           Declaration of independence giant cup today national art students annual awards. Today art museum.

           Beijing. China

2010   “Breakthrough – square and circular”, CHAOWAI SOHO. Beijing. China

           The 3rd 54 international young art festivals. Gallery of Asia Art Center. Beijing. China

2009   The 8rd Beijing new artist exhibition Capital library. Beijing. China



Awards, Residency & Scholarships

2018   Shortlist. John Moores Painting Prize

2016   Shortlist. John Moores Painting Prize

           Art Omi International Artists Residency. New York. USA

2015   Island Iceland offshore project Artists Residency. Seydisfjordur. Iceland

2014   Shortlist. Pluck The Laurel --Chinese new painting Award

2012   Award of Merit. The 3ed Exploring and Discovery NewArtist award


           2012 Art Exhibition (Oil Painting) in Nanjing china

           The first prize. Tsinghua University Graduation Award



2016   “JUST FISHING IN THE NATURE” Publishing platform : tria. Zurich. Switzerland