Born in 1970, Hubei, China. Lives and works in Beijing, China.

Li is a contemporary artist who creates visually stunning and gravity-defying performance art photographs. He records physically challenging conceptual stunts without relying on the help of digital enhancements. Through his artwork, he wishes to explore the external forces that dictate human behavior, and reflects upon the exponential growth that China has experienced in recent history.
29 May - 12 Jun, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
In this exhibition, BEYOND GRAVITY, Li Wei continues to awe with unexpected freshness exploring current day issues that effect him and society in general. “Beyond Gravity” deals with desire. The desire of wanting material goods, the desire for love’s lost innocence, the desire for power.
27 May, 2010
This performance at Shanghai Tang titled "TAKE AWAY" touches on our desire of wanting and in that wanting there are no limits. Li Wei, that the concept of a “Take Away” is a deliberate contradiction of how a regular take-away refers to the taking home of leftovers. Here, his desire for everything that consumerism has to offer has prompted him to not limit his choices to what he can take, but to instead wrap up the entire house of Shanghai Tang and take everything with him.