b.1949, Tokyo, Japan. Lives and works in Tokyo, Japan.

Ken Matsubara is a Japanese artist who primarily works with video art. Using photos, movies, objects and collages, Matsubara’s work addresses memories and histories to which we can all relate, regardless of our backgrounds, statuses or age. He incorporates photographs, videos, object installations, and collages to bring forth the past and to converse with future generations. The artist sees human consciousness as recollections of the same ancient knowledge that transcends the individual, passed down through generations and across peoples, at a microcosmic level. By recollecting shared memories, Matsubara believes that we can overcome individuality.
15 Oct - 14 Nov, 2015 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is pleased to present Repetition, an exhibition of video installation work by Japanese artist Ken Matsubara, from October 15 - November 7.
09 - 12 Apr, 2015
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Booth G10 at Dallas Art Fair in the Fashion Industry Gallery, 1807 Ross Avenue. The gallery will exhibit artwork by artists Cai Quo-Qiang, Huang Rui, Ken Matsubara, Rong Rong and Inri, Shi Guorui, Wang Keping and Wang Shugang.
08 Dec, 2011 - 16 Feb, 2012 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
8 December 2011, Hong Kong — FORCES explores the works of five artists and how they interact. Playing on the idea of the Chinese five elements and the effects they have upon each other as a constant action and reaction. The system of five elements was used for describing interactions and relationships between phenomena. The artists in their processes all work in a way incorporating the forces of nature into their dynamic and use varying elements of Wood, Fire, Earth, Metal and Water creating a dialogue between them.