b. 1975 in Shanghai, China, where he lives and works

Jiang Weitao is a graduate of the Fine Art Academy of Shanghai. He has developed his abstract modernist technique by way of tradition. His work is a philosophical link between Chinese calligraphy, painting and poetry. He has a daily practice of repetitive writing that allows him to forget himself and liberate his strokes to develop stunningly rich paintings that glow with a lucid transparent veil of deep colour tones. It is no wonder that he strives to represent complexity with simplicity and at the same time stillness and movement in a Taoist contemporary abstraction.
Time Line - Abstract Art from China
09 Jan 2018
10 Chancery Lane Gallery in Hong Kong is proud to present “TIME LINE, ABSTRACT ART FROM CHINA” curated by Tang Zehui featuring four of Mainland China’s most innovative abstract artists - Chi Qun, Gu Benchi, Jiang Weitao and Liu Wentao. These four artists interpret the “line” in varied ways of repetition, interweaving or layering to create a transcendental space of meditation.
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