17:21; 10:43” tries to re-present a comprehensive and abstract feeling of being “In-between”, a mental state triggered by the separated relationship of parents even though they live in one intimate space. Driving my intuitive need to seek equilibrium from the constant need for choice and struggling mentality.

The work originates from separate photographs, as it tries to bring together the two individuals from detached times, at the same location, into a single moment. Attempting to manufacture a memory (past reality) for the future, the composite images are hidden in an old album. Neglecting the reality as the painting conveys, which I perceive in the present, the video components depict the self in a habitual act to convince itself of the ideal reality. The “usual” scenery of the household interior gradually, and inevitably, fails to sustain.

Ivan Chan, (b. 1999) is a Bachelor of Art in Fine Arts graduate from The Chinese University of Hong Kong.