In Heart’s Reflection, I have used Princess Kaguya, a character in The Tale of Bamboo Cutter, as the main character of the whole piece. I am using the story ending to be my work’s beginning and I wonder what it would be like when Kaguya returned to the moon. Can she really own the completeness on the moon?

Completeness is like a full circle, if we have one more spot on it, it wouldn’t be a perfect circle. If we missed one spot on it, it wouldn’t be a full circle as well. My imagination towards the moon and Kaguya should be based on my desire towards completeness, and it is probably based on my regrets in reality.

Fong Pong Yuet (b. 2000) is a graduate from the Fine Arts Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2022, specializing in Gongbi and Mineral Pigment Painting.