Specializing in photography and video art, the artist seeks the possibilities to express the relationship between art, self, and the world. The work expresses those unspeakable secrets through images, video, and specially processed soundtracks. The creator has experienced several synchronic coincidences, which indirectly caused her precious worldview to be completely disintegrated, and an existential crisis was triggered.

The key themes of this artwork can be summed up in aspects such as society as hallucination, being told, doubting, and existential crisis. As a super-organism, human beings need to rely on their surroundings to maintain their lives. Reality is a delusion we create together. But who can see the big picture behind the stage of the world? We are all collectively engaged in the same mechanisms of self-deception.

Emme Wong (b. 1999) graduated from the Fine Arts Department of The Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2022.