b. 1968, Hà Tiên, Vietnam. Lives and works between Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Los Angeles, USA.

Internationally acclaimed artist Dinh Q. Lê was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the US at the age of ten to escape the Khmer Rouge. Lê is best known for his large-scale photographic weavings and video works that question the way in which world events are perceived. Inspired by traditional Vietnamese grass mat weaving, Lê weaves images chosen from a variety of motifs including the Vietnam War and Cambodian ruins. A deeply-thoughtful artist, Lê’s research focuses on people’s personal memories of historical events, notably on the complex legacy of the Vietnam War and it’s ongoing impact on contemporary Vietnam.
Gay MIxed No.3
22 Mar - 28 Apr, 2018 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Lê creates a new series of woven photographs entitled Skin On Skin, exploring the sexual revolution in Vietnam through the internet. The work investigates the factors driving society's moral attitude toward sexuality and the liberation of former stigmas.
To see Hong Kong Island from Kowloon 19-20 July 2016(dyptich)
23 - 25 Mar, 2017
10 Chancery Lane Gallery will exhibit a dual presentation of artwork by acclaimed Chinese artists Shi Guorui and Wang Keping at Booth 1D35, as well as an installation by Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Lê at Encounters Section 5.
Light and Belief
24 - 26 Mar, 2016 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Booth 1D39 at Art Basel Hong Kong 2016. Presented in Hong Kong for the first time, "Light and Belief: Sketches of Life from the Vietnam War" by Vietnamese artist Dinh Q. Le, explores the lives and work of artists who were sent into the battle zones during the Vietnamese/American War. Comprised of a documentary film and an installation of 102 original drawings by Vietnmaese artists, the installation is a beautifully powerful and moving artwork by one of Asia's most successful artists.

Booth: 1D39
22 - 26 Mar, 2016
Featuring works by 23 artists from Cambodia, Myanmar (Burma), Thailand and Vietnam,
"Shapeshifting: Contemporary Art from Southeast Asia" at 10 Chancery Lane Art Projects
in Hong Kong’s Chai Wan district will present some of the most interesting and
innovative voices from Southeast Asia. Focused on the region’s shifting range of art
practices, the exhibition focuses on four countries from Indochina: Myanmar, Thailand,
Cambodia and Vietnam. There is a certain connection that can be felt among the works
but the origins and dialogues in play all have different sources that are particular to the artists’ personal backgrounds paired with the national, religious, political or social identity of each one.
12 Mar - 30 May, 2015 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is pleased to present "Tropicana Migration", an exhibition of new work by Dinh Q. Lê. Lê is best known for his large-scale photographic weavings and video works that question the way in which world events are perceived. Dealing in his art practice with the Vietnam War, Lê observes its implications on his country and his own personal history. Tropicana Migration will include a large installation, photographic weavings, photographs and video works.
25 - 29 Mar, 2015
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Stand E13 at Art Paris 2015 in the Grand Palais. The gallery will exhibit artwork by leading artists from Southeast Asia including Dinh Q. Le, Vu Dan Tan and Bui Cong Khanh (Vietnam), Chan Dany (Cambodia) and Manit Sriwanichpoom (Thailand), as well as Chinese artist Wang Keping.
Frog Mountain
15 - 17 Mar, 2015 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Visit 10 Chancery Lane Gallery at Booth 1D38 and Encounters E3 at Art Basel Hong Kong 2015! The gallery will exhibit work from the 1970s by Hong Kong artist Frog King (Kwok Mang Ho), and the 1980s by Chinese artists Huang Rui and Wang Keping. Three defining artists from Hong Kong and China! They are joined by important Vietnamese artist, Dinh Q. Le whose work will be featured in a major retrospective at the Mori Museum in the Summer of 2015.
20 - 22 Sep, 2013 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is participating to Sydney Contemporary 13. Come and visit us at booth D114 where we will be presenting works by: Ai Yamaguchi, Bui Cong Khanh, Dinh Q. Lê, Nandan Ghiya, Sonia Merhra Chawla, The Propeller Group and John Young.
17 May - 12 Aug, 2012
Erasure, a commission by the Sherman Contemporary Art Foundation (SCAF), Sydney, Australia co-curated by Zoe Butt, director of San Art, Vietnam and proudly supported by Nicholas and Angela Curtis, is an interactive sculptural and video installation that draws on issues concerning refugees and asylum seekers.
14 May - 16 Aug, 2009
Co-curated by Dinh Q. Lê and Zoe Butt in cooperation with San Art, Ho Chi Minh City

Khánh Công Bùi, Tiffany Chung, Phù Nam Thúc Hà, Christine Nguyễn, Thi Trinh Nguyễn, Tuấn Andrew Nguyễn, Tuấn Thái Nguyễn, Tú Đức Nguyễn, Rich Streitmatter - Trần