b. 1968, Hà Tiên, Vietnam. Lives and works between Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Los Angeles, USA.

Internationally acclaimed artist Dinh Q. Lê was born in Vietnam and immigrated to the US at the age of ten to escape the Khmer Rouge. Lê is best known for his large-scale photographic weavings and video works that question the way in which world events are perceived. Inspired by traditional Vietnamese grass mat weaving, Lê weaves images chosen from a variety of motifs including the Vietnam War and Cambodian ruins. A deeply-thoughtful artist, Lê’s research focuses on people’s personal memories of historical events, notably on the complex legacy of the Vietnam War and it’s ongoing impact on contemporary Vietnam.
Art Basel Hong Kong 2023
Art Basel Hong Kong 2017
Art Basel Hong Kong 2022
Erasure, 2012
From Vietnam to Hollywood, 2004
SKIN ON SKIN, Dinh Q. Lê Solo Exhibition
South China Sea Pishkun, 2009
Weaving Works