Life runs in a loop, day in day out, as a system, it consists of a series of traceable and yet unpredictable operations. People run in this infinite cycle, following the same path over and over again.

Merging clay and everyday material, The Loop is crafted from hundreds of crumpled sheets of aluminium foil, each coated with clay slip. I observed the natural responses of clay during the firing process and invited spontaneity into my art by harnessing the transformation of materials. When the work takes shape, the crudity and delicacy, fragility and toughness, ephemeral and eternality, echo in the rings.

Danica (Chen Dan, b. 1992 Qingdao, China and based in Hong Kong) graduated from University of the Arts London, UK with BA Graphic & Media Design and RMIT University (co - presented with Hong Kong Art School) with BA Fine Art major in ceramic.