Born in 1973 December 23, Mandalay, Live and work in Yangon, Myanmar

1998 B.A Art and Sculpture, University of Art and Culture, Yangon.
1993 Fine Art- State School of Fine Art (Mandalay)

Solo Exhibitions
2014 Dining-Room Opera, Site Specific Installation, Rooster Gallery, Orchard Street, New York, NY.
2012 Calling Memory, Installation Art, Koganecho Bazaar Art Festival, Yokohama, Japan.
2010 The Stories (Lantern), The Stories (Life of Buddha), Wind of Artist Residence Program exhibition, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan.
2009 Solo Acrylic Painting by Aung Myat Htay, Pansodan Gallery Yangon, Myanmar.
2008 Transparent Hearts solo Installation Show, New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar.
2005 OPERA watercolor Art show, Studio Square owned by Artist NCS, Yangon, Myanmar.
2003 Enchanting Dreams Acrylic and Oil Paintings Solo Art Show, AZADA Art Gallery, Yangon.
2001 IRREGULAR NIGHT Art Show, Judson Hall, Yangon, Myanmar.
2000 Aung myat htay¹s PAINTINGS 41 solo Art show, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon Myanmar.
1997 Born in Myanmar Solo Art Exhibition (watercolor paintings), LokaNat Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar. Performance Art
2014 Flying, Private practice on Hudson River side, Bethune Street, New York, NY.
2013 Obsession, Asia Tour of NIPAF (Nipon International Performance art), Yangon, Myanmar.
2013 The Hands, Performance at international multimedia Art Festival, Alliance France, Yangon, Myanmar.
2012 Calling, Performance at Koganecho Bazaar Festival opening reception, Yokohama, Japan.
2012 Myanmar- Malaysia, Performance Exchange program, Mandalay, Myanmar.
2012 In Yangon, Performance Event, Dagaung Art Gallery, Yangon.
2011 LIVE ART 2011, International Performance Art Festival, Banglore, India.
2011 Beyond Pressure International Performance Art Festival, Yangon, Myanmar.
2011 Nippon- Asia Performance Exchange, Organized by NIPAF, NewZero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar.
2010 Home Sick & Sick Home, outdoor performance, Reizan Park, Fukuoka City, Japan.
2010 Sound of Middle way, Ajibi Hall, Artist Residency Program, Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Japan.
2010 Endless of Desire, Open Section, 3rd Beyond Pressure Performance Art Festival, Myanmar.
2010 Bonds of the String at Body Reports Performance art Festival, Lokanat Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
2009 Hanoi& Yangon performance Art Tour of NIPAF, Inya Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
2008 Fake Eye Sunday performance Workshop at New Zero Art Space, Yangon,Myanmar.
2008 Empty Bag Sunday performance Workshop at New Zero Art Space, Yangon,Myanmar.

Group Exhibitions
2015 Planetarium Links, Site Specific Public Involvement Installation, My Yangon My Home Art Festival.
2014 STRUCTURE#1, Beyond Pressure International Public Art Festival, People¹s Park, Yangon, Myanmar.
2014 Warehouse History, Art in the Warehouse, group contemporary art show, Yangon.
2013 Constellations, Blanc Gallery, Manila, Phillippine.
2013 Alternative Art Fair in Gwangju Biennale 2013, Korea.
2013 Touch, Korea Myanmar Art Exchange program, New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar.
2013 Old City, (digital art)20 Finalist of Sovereign Asian Art prize, South East Asian finalist show in Singapore.
2012 Memory House, Video of the Installation, Multimedia festival, Alliance Francis Yangon, Myanmar.
2012 Life in Illusion, Contemporary art making workshop, New Zero Art Space, Yangon, Myanmar.
2011 Invisible way, Forward Backward 8 Myanmar Artist Group Show, H Gallery, Bangkok, Thailand.
2011 Memorable Life of Lantern, Video Art, New Media Art show, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
2011 A drop of Rain & Who Other: Two Installation, Dagaung Art Gallery Yangon, Myanmar.
2011 Urban Reflection of Yangon 2011, Art Workshop, NewZero Art Space, Yangon.
2010 Black Ant, NewZero Art Space, New Media Group Exhibition, Lo Ka Nat Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
2009 Myanmar­Asean Art Exchange Exhibition, Tha Ma Da Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar
2008 NewZero Art Space Group Exhibition, Lokanat Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
2008 NARGIS Relief Art Show, Thamada Hotel Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
2008 ³ Fire² NewZero Group Art Show, Beithano Art Gallery, Yangon, Myanmar.
2008 Art Tree UOC All Batch Group Art Show, Old Art School, Yangon.
2004 Art Now Group Art Show, Art and Artisan Association, Yangon, Myanmar.
2001 Lokanat Group Art Show, Yangon, Myanmar.
1999 Depression Gray UOC Group Art Show, Lokanat Gallery.
1998 Asean youth Art Camp, Country Visual Art Site(Myanmar), San Pablo City, Philippine.
1998 Wuthan Art Show, Treasure Art Gallery, Yangon , Myanmar.
1996 Treasure Art Gallery group Art Exhibition, yangon, Myanmar.
1995 Orient Gallery Member Art Show, in Yangon, Myanmar.
1994 First Life group Art Exhibition at Orient Art Gallery in Yangon , Myanmar.
1993 State School of Fine Art (Group Art Show), Mandalay, Myanmar. Participated in a lot of group art show since 1995. A Mamber of NewZero Art Space Group and Freelance Artist base in Yangon, Myanmar.

Awards & Artist in Residency
2014 ACC Grant Award for research contemporary art, meet art professional, artist residency in New York.
2013 One of the 20 Finalist of Sovereign SE Asian Art Price Award, Singapore, Hong Kong.
2012 Koganecho Bazaar Art Festival, Artist in residency, Yokohama, Japan.
2011 Bar1 Artist in Residency for LIVE ART Performance Art festival, Bangalore, India.
2010 Artist in residency for (3) Month Program at Fukuoka Asian Art Museum, Fukuoka City, Japan.
1998 Visual Artist from Myanmar for Arsean Youth Art Program in 1998, NATURE HUG Art Camp in Philippine.

Other Activities
2013 DVD Magazine on Contemporary Art In Myanmar, Published and Curate in Yangon, Myanmar.
2013 Cross the Crossing Myanmar-Thai art exchange program, Silperkong University, Yangon, Myanmar.
2012 Life in Illusion art workshop Program, New Zero Art Space, Yangon. ( 15 day long workshop in installation and new media , with 20 local participants)
2011 Urban Reflection art making workshop, Yangon. As a writer, released an Analysis on Modern & Contemporary Art (2013), Color Harmony (2011), Life and Works of Monet (2010), The Art of Oil Painting(2009), Collection of all sketches of Van Gogh (2008), Text and illustrations Art Notes (2007), The Art of Watercolor Painting(2004), Basic Art Drawing Book 2002.