Frog King: Totem: Frog King

10 Chancery Lane is proud to present a momentous new solo exhibition by Hong Kong artist Frog King Kwok (a.k.a. Kwok Mang-ho, b. 1947). An inimitable force unto himself, Frog King is a pioneering conceptual and performance artist who has been breaking boundaries in Hong Kong and beyond since the late 1960s. Originally trained in ink painting and calligraphy in the studio of seminal New Ink Painting master Lui Shou Kwan--where he was already considered to be something of an enfant terrible—Frog King is one of the earliest Chinese contemporary artists to explore the use of ink painting as a conceptual tool, incorporating it as both action and material into multiple-media installations, performances, happenings and assembled environments incorporating discards and everyday objects.
For the TOTEM exhibition at 10 Chancery Lane, Frog King has been invited to transform the exterior and interior spaces of the gallery, working with guest curator Valerie C. Doran to create a layered environment of art (and of realms) that both showcases Frog King’s vibrant installation and performance work and at the same time reveals a deeper stillness at the heart of the artist’s expressive life. Special features will include a new series of carved wood sculptures, totemic columns, ink paintings and screens.