FACES OF GAIA: Zoë Marden, Christine Nguyen, Katrina Leigh Mendoza Raimann, Jessica Zoob and introducing Arabella Chong

Gaia is the Earth Goddess in Greek mythology and ancestral mother of all life. Each of the selected artists have practices linked closely to their experiences of nature and its rhythms, incorporating individual sensibilities to reflect the many faces of Gaia. The exhibition highlights Gaia as a complex intertwining of phenomena that as both maker and destroyer creates the harmony of life. Further explained in scientific circles, the Gaia hypothesis posits that Earth, and its biological systems, behave as a huge single entity. ‘Faces of Gaia’ proposes the transformative nature of the Earth Goddess in all her strength to bring restorative balance to the whole. 
This exhibition opens on June 8, UN World Ocean’s Day 2023, adding its voice to calls from around the world to protect the earth. 10 Chancery Lane  continues its support of Oceanic Global, an NGO committed to protecting the Ocean, by donating a portion of the proceeds from the exhibition. Please join us in this great mission to protect our beautiful home, Mother Earth!