HK Foreword 2021 Anton Poon, Bonny Wong Hiu Ching, Eugene Lun, Fok Wai Chung Chantal, Haynie Sze, Henry Poon, Chan Ho Wang, Florence Yuk Ki Lee, Masahiro Nakamura, Mufasa Yu, Tse Man Hei Aaron 28 Sep, 2021
Celebrating 20 years in 2021, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is one of Asia’s leading art galleries. With exhibitions that explore both emerging and historically important movements in art in the Asia-Pacific. The gallery continuously keeps its finger on the pulse of contemporary art from the region. 10 Chancery Lane Gallery aims to deliver exhibitions that take time, research and have an impact on the art in the region, as well as promoting contemporary art from Asia internationally.

Founder and Director Katie de Tilly arrived in Hong Kong in 1994 when Chinese and contemporary art from most of Asia was yet to come into international focus. With a particular interest in the deep historical, social and cultural context of Hong Kong and China and the development in Asia of its contemporary art scenes, she founded 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in 2001.10 Chancery Lane Gallery is dedicated to the development of young artists and organizes “HKForeword” since 2012 giving Hong Kong art graduates their first gallery exhibition. Katie de Tilly is the 2019 recipient of the “Woman of Influence in Arts and Culture” awarded by the American Chamber of Commerce. She was a founding member and former co-President of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association (HKAGA), is on the Program Advisory Committee (PAC) of RMIT University School of Art /Hong Kong Art School. She is a Founding Patron of the West Kowloon Cultural District’s M+ Museum of Visual Culture. And she is heading the HK Artists Residency Abroad Funding Scheme (ARAFS) of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association to help local artists enrich their art exposure and education. She was formerly a board member of the Tate Modern Asia Pacific Acquisitions Committee (Tate-APAC)
Unscheduled 2021 Gu Benchi 02 - 06 Sep, 2021
This Moment Jessica Zoob 04 Jun - 15 Aug, 2021
Spectrumfigures John Young 23 Apr - 29 May, 2021
Lightening's Edge Pan Jian 05 Mar - 10 Apr, 2021
In Darkest moments
There is always light
Piercing the gap
Like a sword
That is the edge of lightning
– Pan Jian