Lightening's Edge Pan Jian
05 Mar - 10 Apr, 2021

HONG KONG -- 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present Pan Jian, Lightening’s Edge, in his newest series of paintings. The exhibition opens on March 5th.  Pan Jian is known for painting the forest most notably his midnight blue landscape night scenes. In this new series Pan Jian has emerged into the light with paintings that burst with color and vibrancy.

During this special year of the 2020 pandemic, Pan Jian expresses how the temporary lock-down allowed him to confront his weaknesses and transform his process. He explains, “While reflecting on my own creation, I realized that my previous night landscape paintings seemed too subjective and willful. Therefore, in my new series, Lightning’s Edge, I focus on using complex acrylic and oil colors as the basis of my expression, while at the same time combining various drawing methods to form a ‘visual noise.’ I want to create a dialogue that focuses on the relationship and richness of the material to make an absolute indulging visual effect."

Compared to his previous night landscape oil paintings, this new series of acrylic and oil paintings further refine the relationship between light and shadow, however in new and different ways taking it from reality into purity. In the process he deepens how the colors and layers confront each other on the canvas. The complex colors and contouring lines of Pan Jian’s forests are set against a sky that seem to be illuminated by lightning. The tangible leaves are full of subtle brushstrokes and emotions.

Pan Jian says, ”I have always applied colors that associate my inner emotions to the canvas. I think it is the emotional appeal that determines the choice of scenery and colors I choose.” However, where his past works expressed an emotion of loneliness, melancholy and quiet contemplation this new series is full of vibrancy, color and electric energy.

For Pan Jian, exploring the relationship between light and shadow has always been the key to his works. Pan Jian says, “I am fascinated with the relationship between shadow and light. Shadow is the result of light and light is the weapon to break the shadow. And we must not forget that light also represents hope and change.” Indeed we feel hope, joy and light piercing through these paintings. 

10 Chancery Lane Gallery director, Katie de Tilly states, Pan Jian is not just an accomplished painter he is constantly evolving and experimenting with new techniques in painting. He takes the forest landscapes into many different pathways by using various textures, washes and layers in fresh and innovative ways. This new series of neon colors jump from the canvas in jubilation while at the same time the depth of his many layered works allow us to peer inside of the paintings. There is luminosity as well in this series that plays with the light upon the paintings, changing throughout the day.

Pan Jian (born in Shandong in 1975) is a diligent and dedicated painter. He graduated from Xi'an Academy of Fine Arts and is currently a Professor of painting at the Academy. Pan Jian's works are collected by The DSL Collection, The Uli Sigg Collection/M+ Museum, The Yuz Foundation/Yuz Museum and the The Burger Collection among others.

Celebrating its 20th year in 2021, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery continues to be committed to playing a major role in documenting the development of art
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The gallery was founded in 2001 by Katie de Tilly. Katie de Tilly is President Emeritus and one of the founders of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association, awardee of the 2019 Women of Influence ‘Master of The Arts” given by the American Chamber of Commerce in Hong Kong, Art Power HK board member, a member of the M+ Museum Patron’s Committee and Board member of the RMIT/HKAS Industry Advisory Committee.

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