Remembering Days, Forgetting Time Carol Lee Mei Kuen
26 May - 25 Jun, 2016 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Carol Lee Mei-kuen
"The art of time-painting"
25 Jun 2016
Hong Kong Art Gallery Association and
10 Chancery Lane Gallery invite you to an artist talk

"The unique art of time-drawing" by Hong Kong artist Carol Lee Mei-kuen

Prominent Hong Kong artist Carol Lee Mei-kuen will discuss her artistic practice of employing time as both the material and means of her artwork, in the context of her current exhibition at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery Remembering Days, Forgetting Time. The exhibition includes works from her recent exhibition at the Xi'an OCAT Museum curated by Karen Smith. An active artist in Hong Kong since the late 1990s, Lee draws on her memories of Hong Kong's past, her global travel and concepts of time, history and the origins of humanity for inspiration.
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藝術講座 李美娟-”時間繪畫“
25 Jun 2016

李美娟一一 “時間繪畫”

香港藝術家李美娟將會分享她以時間作為創作概念與媒介的獨特手法。這次她於10號贊善里畫廊舉辦的個人作品展「記事忘年」,是去年,由知名策展人Karen Smith,在OCAT西安館策展的展覽的作品。 自90年代末,李美娟已活躍於香港藝術界。 她的紙本作品不但承載着香港的過去丶世界各地遊走的痕跡,她更以時間的概念 ,創作出與人類歷史有關的作品。
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