Shadow of Light Pan Jian
18 Jun - 15 Aug, 2015 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery




Opening Reception: June 17 2015, 6-8pm


Exhibition: June 18 - August 15, 2015


(19 MAY, 2015) HONG KONG -

10 Chancery Lane Gallery is pleased to present Shadow of Light, an exhibition of new work by the young Chinese artist Pan Jian from June 18 - August 15.


Pan Jian presents his most recent series of 2015, Shadow of Light. A continuation of his exploration of shadow, the artist distills the relationship between light and dark to its purest form, resulting in an arresting body of work that challenges the viewer’s eyes to adjust to the dim silhouettes and wander through the monochromatic night-time scenes. Pan Jian’s artistic process first draws inspiration from actual landscapes, gradually transforming what he has seen into the imagined scenes that he presents on each canvas. The landscapes are therefore both real and imagined, a dichotomy that is reflected in the concept that although a shadow has no tangible content, the image presented is still able to move the viewer, provoking an emotional response.


Drawing inspiration from traditional Chinese landscape paintings, Pan Jian’s nightscapes are striking in their detail and meticulous brushwork. Pan Jian is unique in his ability to provide both a contemporary style of Chinese landscape painting as well as being reminiscent of the work of the Chinese literati, or scholar-artists, whose landscapes represented a retreat from the burdens of daily life. Each painting is an invitation by Pan Jian to take sanctuary in the dusky forest scenes, questioning the viewer’s sense of illusion and reality and drawing on a person’s natural curiosity to decipher the images set before them.


About the artist

Pan Jian (b. 1975 Shandong) is a young and committed painter who currently lives and works in Beijing & Xi’an. He graduated from the Oil Painting Department of Xi’an Academy of Fine Art where he is now a teacher. His work is included in numerous collections including the DSL collection, The Uli Sigg Collection, The Yuz and is well supported by the Yuz Foundation in Jakarta.

About 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

Since 2001, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery has been a driving force in contemporary art in Hong Kong and is one of Asia’s leading contemporary art galleries. Representing the Asia-Pacific, the gallery is particularly interested in emerging art movements and historically important artists from the region.  


Representing important artists such as Huang Rui and Wang Keping (China), Atul Dodiya (India), Dinh Q. Lê (Vietnam), Manit Sriwanichpoom (Thailand) as well as younger artists, up-coming artists such as Pan Jian, 10 Chancery Lane Gallery is committed to playing a role in documenting the development of Asian art. The gallery has worked with curators Feng Boyi, Beyond the Red Curtain - China, Erin Gleeson, Forever Until Now - Contemporary Art Cambodia, Iola Lenzi, Subjective Truth - Thai Contemporary Art, Zoe Butt and Dinh Q. Lê, Time Ligaments - Vietnam. Katie de Tilly is co-President and one of the founders of the Hong Kong Art Gallery Association.


For press enquiries and to arrange interviews, please contact Bo Kim on or +852 2810 0065.


Pan Jian

Shadow of Light

10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Central, Hong Kong

Opening Reception: June 17 2015, 6-8pm

Exhibition period: June 18 - August 15, 2015