Duplicator's Dilemma Atul Dodiya
20 Nov, 2013 - 15 Feb, 2014 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

Atul Dodiya
Duplicator's Dilemma

Opening 20 November 6:30 – 8:30pm
20 November, 2013 – 30 January, 2014
at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Central, Hong Kong

[October 22, 2013, Hong Kong]10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present Atul Dodiya for his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong, Duplicator’s Dilemma, following his opening survey at the National Gallery of Modern Art in New Delhi. Atul Dodiya (b. 1959) is a highly personal and referential artist often going into his subject matter in both a playful yet luringly dark ways. Being one of India’s most celebrated artists he works on subjects that layer and combine traditions of his native land with art historical clichés paying homage to famous artists such as Roy Lichtenstein seen in his newest series of shutter doors exhibiting at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery.  The shutter doors bring the commonly seen Bombay shop fronts into the contemporary art genre. Dodiya uses the duplicity of imagery to play with wild contrasts of scenery. This series combines the metal fronts of the pop art work of Lichtenstein with the deeply expressionistic long and stringy figures of his paintings. A man whose bones can be seen through his skin reads a book, a skull lays by his side. When the door is closed, piercing cartoon like eyes peer with the phrase, “What? Why did you ask that? What do you know about my image duplicator?” Highly original, his works physically add layers of meaning to his works. They can be read half-closed or open as well as fully seeing one image or the other.  His shutter door series were inspired by views of the city’s previously bustling small businesses locked down in fear of religious persecution and violence following the 1993 bombings in Bombay.

His works on paper are composed of delicate lithe-like figures that float within a phantasmal reality. Glowing and flowing water paint sets a mood that is strange yet gentle, the figures lounge and fly in a surrealist reality that the artists so aptly provokes into a curious dialogue. Dodiya is known for combining many ideas into one series of works that are transcultural and transhistorical. His inspiration is vast and rich with references that are sometimes obvious and other times highly personal.

Artist’s Statement

"What is better? The fish inside the water, or the fish outside the water? The mirror reflects reality. Is that reflection real? Is the image which an artist depicts on canvas more real than the image which the viewer sees in reality?

Probably, these are some of the philosophical questions, which arose in the process while looking at Lichtenstein's 'Mirror'. Inside-outside, above-below, real-unreal, hidden-revealed, single-double, are these opposites? This is the dilemma with which artists begin and arrive at the discovery of the relativity of the real. 

The fine line between art and life gets blurred, to the point where art is overpowering the reality of life. It becomes a game of stepping in and stepping out of the creative space.

The roller shutter, with its two spaces, the inside and the outside; is an apt device to understand these dual realities. The scribe balancing on the mirror or the artist running away from the painting, escaping through Fontana's Slit and the frozen scribe are all manifestations of the duality which generates the creative dilemma. " - Atul Dodiya


About the artist
b.1959 Mumbai, India
 Lives and works in Mumbai, India

Atul Dodiya is one of the most prominent figures of contemporary Indian art. He melds the iconography of both Eastern and Western cultures through film, popular culture, and literature—doing so in the form of installation and painting. Dodiya’s works are deeply personal as he reflects on his own narratives with reference to the history of art and that of his home country, India. His most recent body of imagery is created on metal shutters of store fronts salvaged from the streets of Mumbai. The artist invites viewers to interact with the pieces – to open and close the shutter with its original pulley mechanism in order to see the entirety of the work as both the front and interior of the shutter is painted. This exhibition will feature 3 paintings on metal shutters as well as masterfully painted watercolors. Atul Dodiya was born in 1959 in Mumbai. He has shown extensively around the world including at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, The Reina Sofia Museum in Madrid, The Tate Modern in London, The Royal Ontario Museum in Toronto, The National Gallery of Modern Art in Bombay, Saatchi Collection, dOCUMENTA (12), The Asia Pacific Triennale at the Queensland Art Gallery, the 7th Gwangju Biennial and currently is having a major retrospective at The National Gallery of Modern Art in Delhi. This will be his first solo exhibition in Hong Kong.

The artist will be in Hong Kong for the exhibition opening in November19-24. For press enquiry (including press images) or schedule an interview, please contact Bo Kim at bo@10chancerylangallery.com or +852 2810 0065.


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Atul Dodiya
Duplicator’s Dilemna

20 November 2013 – 30 January 2014

at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery, Central, Hong Kong

Opening 20 November 6:30 – 8:30pm

 G/F, 10 Chancery Lane, SoHo, Central, Hong Kong
Opening hours: Tuesday to Saturday, 10am to 6pm
Enquiry: +852 2810 0065