Within Emptiness Sopheap Pich, Lindy Lee, Huang Rui, Nguyen Thai Tuan, Muchen and Shao Yinong 23 Nov - 15 Dec, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Within the busy world in which we live there is something to be said about the search of emptiness. The Eastern spiritual mantras allow us to stop and reflect. It allows us to think about life and who we are.
Runscape MAP OFFICE 04 - 20 Nov, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is thrilled to present in exclusivity to Hong Kong RUNSCAPE: a video installation and a series of photographs by the very dynamic collective of curator MAP OFFICE.
City-O-Rama MAP OFFICE 04 - 20 Nov, 2010
The Katie De Tilly Foundation and MAP Office are thrilled to announce a creative collaboration via the first edition of the exciting project - City-O-Rama - a non-commercial in situ Video Art exhibition involving 10 artistic interventions in the urban landscape of Hong Kong. It aims to intervene in private spaces with public access in Central Hong Kong to introduce multi-media art, create a dialogue and build up new audiences among the local community for contemporary forms of visual arts.
Za Zhong Hung Liu 07 - 30 Oct, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is happy to present the new works of Hung Liu with her series entitled Za Zhong (Bastard Paintings). The series of mixed media works are composed of many alternating layers of resin and oil-based pigment and present layers of imagery and painting in a glass-like resin finish that allows a greater vibrancy of colors to her paintings.
Intimacy Carol Lee Mei Kuen 09 Sep - 02 Oct, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Walking through an exhibition of Carol Lee Mei Kuen is like walking into a realm of imagination. With a combination of shape, juxtaposition, colour, rhythm, density and intensity, Lee succeeds in creating strong visual sensations and symbols of universal appeal.
Fire in the eye of Empedocies William Furniss 15 Jun - 07 Aug, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Hong Kong-based British photographer, William Furniss, has taken Empedocles to personify the origin of his new series of vivid landscapes. Combining the elements he creates a technical panorama of neons in water. The work evokes awareness of the unseen. A subconscious imprint through the abstractions set upon the silky waves. What is left is the soul of a city through the cosmos of colors and light reflected on the skirt of its skyline.
Beyond Gravity Li Wei 29 May - 12 Jun, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
In this exhibition, BEYOND GRAVITY, Li Wei continues to awe with unexpected freshness exploring current day issues that effect him and society in general. “Beyond Gravity” deals with desire. The desire of wanting material goods, the desire for love’s lost innocence, the desire for power.
Li Wei Performance "Take Away" at Shanghai Tang Li Wei 27 May, 2010
This performance at Shanghai Tang titled "TAKE AWAY" touches on our desire of wanting and in that wanting there are no limits. Li Wei, that the concept of a “Take Away” is a deliberate contradiction of how a regular take-away refers to the taking home of leftovers. Here, his desire for everything that consumerism has to offer has prompted him to not limit his choices to what he can take, but to instead wrap up the entire house of Shanghai Tang and take everything with him.
Fragments Serge Clement, Hannah Bertram 22 Apr - 15 May, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
10 Chancery Lane Gallery is proud to present, Fragments, photographs by Canadian artist, SERGE CLÉMENT and Dust Works by Australian artist HANNAH BERTRAM. Clément’s works are a vibrant fresco of humankind on the third millenium’s threshold. It talks of him, of us, of what we are and what we will be; whereas Betram's dust work collects fragments of our surroundings, whose lives are as fleeting as our own and whose visibility slowly deteriorates into the invisible.
Flowers Fall Lindy Lee 25 Feb - 10 Apr, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
With the traditional ideas of splashing ink on paper, Lindy Lee throws molten bronze to create a kaleidoscope of objects somehow both figurative and abstract. The metal splats form a balance mirrored by their imperfections seemingly pushing and pulling each other within their composition. In this exhibition, Lee contemplates the Chinese dragon and fire with both paper and metal works in the embodiment of cosmic and elemental forces.
Un-Claimed & Other Urban F(r)ictions 04 - 20 Feb, 2010 10 Chancery Lane Gallery
Visual artist Surekha had earlier held an exhibition of video-Installation titled, “Communing with Urban Heroines”. Now, she is showing her new videos highlighting the 'unusual preoccupations' of people who assign a specific personality to the city.