Vietnam Inc. Dinh Q. Lê
07 Jan - 14 Mar, 2007 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

Vietnam Inc. 

These days, Vietnam is full of contradictions. To many in the world, Vietnam is a war.  To the Vietnamese government, regardless of what is happening Vietnam is still a communist country.  To the young people of Vietnam and visitors, Vietnam is a capitalist country in disguise. Everything is piling on top of one another, competing with each other.

In the streets of Ho Chi Minh City, communist propagandas billboards, hammer and sickle flags competing with advertising billboards of Coca Cola, Nokia, Louis Vuitton.  Shopping malls are popping up everywhere competing with War Museums for audiences/shoppers’ attention.

Everything is merging/weaving in and out of each other.  These new pieces are the tapestries of contemporary Vietnam.  They reflect the contradictions, the struggle for meanings and soul of Vietnam today.