Changing Weather
26 Apr - 26 May, 2007 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

French Artist, Roseline de Thélin, exhibits in Hong Kong at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in a Multimedia Installation entitled Changing Weather.

HONG KONG---MAY 2007--- Roseline de Thélin is an artist who uses light and energy as the medium of her artwork. The exhibition ‘Changing Weather’ presents a utopian Chinese ‘lightscape’ composed of light sculptures, video and digital art that reflects on the changes in China today.  Watching the climate changes and the larger number of storms that cross our skies, she transforms 10 Chancery Lane Gallery in Central Hong Kong into a myriad of fibre optic clouds and storms that shower rain drops of quartz, crystal and light.  She creates a Chinese landscape of perspex mountains pulsing with LED lights on the backdrop of video images from Chinese cities. Using the ‘I Ching’ as a symbolic reference, her multi-sensory work represents the notion of continuous change and transformation that lies at the core of Chinese philosophy.

The ideogram ‘I’ in the ‘I Ching’ is divided in two parts: the sun above and the rain below.  Roseline de Thélin makes a parallel between the changing weather and the ‘I Ching’, known as ‘The Book of Changes.’ As our planet is changing, China is experiencing an extraordinary social and economic mutation and is looking for new ways to sustain its consumption of energy. The Chinese cities are transforming and a new landscape is taking shape.

‘Changing Weather’ is a body of artwork that reflects this transformation process using light as the transformative medium. In Chinese tradition light and quartz manipulate energy, they activate the vital energy of ‘Chi.’  The quartz crystal spirals in her tornadoes and her showers of light become a cleansing, transformative and may be enlightening experience, preparing the world for a new cycle.

Originally from France, Roseline de Thélin lives and works in Ibiza Spain. She exhibits her work worldwide.  Her creations and commissioned works vary from chandeliers with webs of semiprecious stones, ladders of intertwined fiber optic with gem stones to ‘Crystal Doors’.  For Interior designer Kelly Hoppen, she created a ‘Crystal Door’ in a mansion in St. Tropez. Claude Chales and interior designer Jonathan Amar commissioned her to design a 6-meter long modern chandelier for the club ‘Nirvana Lounge’ in Paris, the theme of the piece was ‘Crossing through the Light Spectrum,’ materials included gemstones and mirrors. These are just a few of her many projects. Katie de Tilly of 10 Chancery Lane Gallery states, “We are very honoured to have such a refreshing and inspiring artist showing here in Hong Kong for the first time.”