Big Bamboo - Images of the Urban Jungle William Furniss
03 - 22 Nov, 2005 | 10 Chancery Lane Gallery

10 Chancery Gallery and William Furniss present Big Bamboo - Images of the Urban Jungle 

Hong Kong, November 2005 Big Bamboo - Images of the Urban Jungle Fine Art photographer William Furniss’ third exhibition in Hong Kong will open on the 3 November 2005 and run through 16 November, 2005 at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery.

Hong Kong springs to life through the lens of William Furniss in his latest exhibition of work at 10 Chancery Lane Gallery. Photographing amongst the concrete spires of Central and the lush green forests hanging in the clouds above, Furniss seeks to give the visual sensation of actually being deep in the action. Colour abstractions and black and white street reportage describes the atmosphere and excitement of our magnificent city. Shooting celluloid and creating his effects through pure camera work Furniss uses old school techniques to realize thoroughly modern images.

According to Furniss, “It has been my philosophy to use as little equipment as possible when shooting, resulting in a unique form of reportage which pushes the confines of two dimensional photography to its limit.  Through contrast, panning, multiple exposure and extended shutter speeds, the images capture dynamism and energy in these familiar urban settings.”

According to gallery owner, Katie de Tilly, “Furniss maintains his stylistic ethos of rigorous avoidance of manipulating the content of the images by any other means that those available in the camera, leading this cityscapes vivid dimensions rarely seen in contemporary fine art photography.”